Ah, what a great word. I’ve had several notable transitions in my life, each one with their unique challenges.

1993: Transition from grade-schooler in Rhode Island to high-schooler in Western Pennsylvania. Begin realizing “Wicked awesome” should not be used in every sentence.

1998: Transition from farm kid mucking out the family barns to midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy. Realize city-living isn’t the worst thing out there, but appreciate coming home more and more.

2002: Transition from midshipman to liveaboard sailor & now Ensign in the U.S. Navy. Sail from Baltimore, MD to Charleston, SC and later Fernandina Beach, FL. Realize what it’s like being a real adult on my own!

2005: Transition from solo to couple. Realize how little I know about relationships now that I’m married!

2009: Transition from active-duty military overseas to unemployment to my first “real” job stateside. Realize how challenging juggling multiple priorities can be. Double down on being a good husband.

2013: Transition from cozy DC-based civilian life to deployment in Africa with the Navy Reserve. Realize how resilient our family is.

2015: Transition from DC suburb and Federal job to rural country living while working from home for a CA-based start-up. Realize I’m losing control of too many spinning plates.

I didn’t check the stats, but I don’t believe I wrote any blog posts last year. Not for lack of material or commentary, but for differing priorities. I tell folks 2015 was “The Year of Too Much” for us. Buying a house, selling, a house, four international trips, changing jobs, sick family, blah blah blah. All the normal things that happen to a person.

Also, my creative focus has been on getting my first novella out the door. I just finished the first draft after stalling for two years. And I really want to see it through.

I’ve also spent time thinking of “what do I want this to be?” Frankly, let’s call a spade a spade. I’m out of this game for the time being. I was out in 2009 when I stopped living aboard. I have no intention of being a full-time, or even part-time, live aboard in the near future. There’s a new generation of entries into the field, and the mediums have changed. I love watching the videos of SV Teleport on YouTube. And reading the great dialogue being put out there by Bob at Boatbits and Volkscruiser and Teresa & Ben at Sailing Simplicity. They are out there living it today, and have a much closer relationship to many of these topics.

So as I can, I’ll continue to tell my story here. It’s one perspective in the bigger swimming pool of available thoughts. And I won’t lose sleep over how frequently I post! I’ll call this a noble experiment. And do my best to leave my content up and available for everyone in the years to come.

Transitions are great opportunities to reflect, to take stock, to cut things away, or add news things in. I know I’ve done all of those.

Happy sailing friends!

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