The Young Liveaboard: 2017 and Beyond

2016: The Year I Met One of My Readers & Hit the Water!

Earlier this year I made a deliberate decision to kind of push pause on The Young Liveaboard, or as I can it, TYLA. The reasons behind that were primarily logistic in nature: a career in engineering, side gig as a Navy officer in the Reserves, finishing my 2nd master’s degree, and trying to be a great husband and friend. From a writing perspective I wanted to my goal was to double down on my fiction writing efforts over at Thorium Publishing. That effort paid dividends!

I hit “publish” on December 20th for a December 24th launch of my first novella, Ascent of the Fallen, with two more in the series right behind it. My author website, Facebook page, Amazon and Goodreads pages, and all of the goods that go along with writing on a semi-professional basis were put in place. You can check out those efforts in my most recent post at Thorium.

Those efforts made me dwell a bit on this website. I paid to renew the hosting for another year, which isn’t a lot, but it’s not nothing either. One of the reasons was the nominal traction the site receives; usually around a hundred hits per day. That’s a hundred people looking for information or insight that come here to find it. If the site were to go down, I’m sure I could transfer the content over to something free and have a subdomain, but this is part of the intellectual property assets I own. What to do…

During our annual New Year’s hike I spent some time thinking on that idea. Over at Thorium I spent some time discussing my business plans for my authorship, and I think I can do some combining to improve my overall position. So for 2017, I’m planning on the following actions:

  1. Continuing the “Sailboat Saturday” series on a monthly basis: I’m hitting my content hard over at Thorium, but I think I could try to squeeze in a few posts here to keep the fires burning. The most popular posts on the site are the limited series of analyses of sailboats for sale and some thoughts on how to make that work living aboard. There’s no limit on sailboats for sale! I should have enough material to work from for a bit, and I can see where that goes.
  2. A paid product: I have a product in the works chronicling the sinking of my first sailboat, SeaWitch, the experience in situ, and the lessons learned from watching 28 feet of fiberglass go “glug glug” and then getting her raised back up again. I have a couple of idea for other stand-alone books that may also come to bear. While my goal is to keep the majority of the content here 100% free, but if I can recoup a few dollars in the hosting costs, that will go a long way to keeping this viable.

So stay tuned for more to come. 2015 was my “year of too much.” 2016 was just as full, but started to get into a steady-state. Now let’s see what we can make happen in 2017!


  • Travis

Photo credits: Travis Chapman