About Our Sailboats



SeaWitch was my first big boat, a 1970 Cal 28. Known as the Flat Top, she was my first love. Purchased in April 2002 at the Maryland Marina in Essex Maryland. Sailed down the Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW) that summer to bring her to Charleston, SC. Lived aboard through early 2004 when she was sailed down to Amelia Island, FL. I lived aboard in the downtown marina in Fernandina Beach. She was hauled out at Tiger Point Marina and departed my company in the summer of 2007. Photo with my friend Kevin (left) during a visit in Florida.

Purchase price: $8500 (2002)



Persephone was our diamond in the rough. A 1980 Tartan 37 deep keel. From word of mouth around Guam we learned she had circumnavigated twice, but when her last owners departed Guam they left her to change hands and eventually become abandoned on her mooring. The marina auctioned her off, and we won. A significant amount of sweat equity and no small amount of money went into her restoration, which we were able to make good inroads towards. She sailed engineless except for a small outboard dropped off the port side. With my friend J.J. aboard right before casting off for Yap. Our third crewman took the photo.

Purchase price: $6500 (2007)



Ruby Doobie was a 1975 Aquarius 23. This model was sailed by two friends from Seattle up the Inside Passage to Alaska and back. That was proof enough for me. Just over a year after purchasing this particular sailboat a local ad came up for a free 1980 Balboa 23. Same boat, slightly updated interior. The asking price was so low due to needing a lot of equipment. I figured I could easily combine the two boats’ best pieces to fast-track my renovation progress. The Ruby Doobie (II) looks identical except for having a grey hull and electric motor.

Purchase price: $1800 (2011)



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