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On the water

I’m Travis Chapman, a self-described Renaissance Man. I was raised on a farm and spent my formative years slinging manure and driving an F-150. But I always managed to cobble together something that could go on the water. I built a canvas kayak in our basement before graduating high school, which spurred on later pursuits.

In 1998 I left the rural life for Annapolis Maryland to earn my bachelors degree in naval architecture from the U.S. Naval Academy. Graduated in 2002 and commissioned in the Navy as a submarine officer. During spring break of that year I decided to buck traditional wisdom and purchase my first sailboat, a 1970 Cal 28 flat top, rather than follow my peers in renting an apartment during follow-on training.

Thus began my young liveaboard experience. I lived on SeaWitch for three years, sailing from Baltimore to Charleston, SC for nuclear power training, then on to Amelia Island, FL, where I lived while stationed aboard my first submarine. I met and married my beautiful wife Brigette while on that tour, and I moved off in mid-2005. Living aboard a 28′ sailboat was the most rewarding experience a young person could ask for. Right out of college, self-reliant, self-sufficient, with as much freedom as anyone could ask for. I learned more from that boat and our experiences together than most folks will accumulate in twenty years of living.

In 2007 we were stationed in the western Pacific on the island of Guam. There we purchased a neglected 1978 Tartan 37 which we named Persephone. While the intent was to bring her home to Maryland after that tour, real life caught up with me. I had the opportunity to do some great sailing while out there, but ultimately sold her to a wonderful British couple who continued where we left off.

In 2009 I returned to Maryland to start my civilian career and quickly caught boat fever. I subsequently purchased a 1975 and later a 1980 Aquarius/Balboa 23. After reading the exploits of two friends who sailed one from Seattle up the Inside Passage, I knew this was a great compromise of trailering convenience with expeditionary capability.

I work in the nuclear engineering field as a civilian, completed one master’s in Engineering management and am finishing a second in nuclear engineering. I’m also a  Navy Reservist and continue to serve the nation in various military capacities.

Favorite boat: Still in love with our Tartan 37

Dream: To be James Bond. I’m addicted to the Daniel Craig interpretation of the series.

Real Dream: My wife and I really enjoy a vibrant life of travel, friends, wine tasting, hiking with our dogs, and working around the house. Still enjoying the water, even if in a different venue. I’m currently figuring out how to successfully keep two boats: one in Florida with my in-laws and another big boat here in Maryland. A man can dream…


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