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Legal Disclaimer:

Nothing on this website or in direct communications received from us, or in our articles in the media, should be construed to mean or imply that any form of sailing is anything other than potentially hazardous. Dangers such as, but not limited to, extreme weather, lack of help or assistance, gear failure, grounding, and falling overboard could injure or kill you and wreck your boat. Decisions such as, but not limited to, heading offshore, where you go, and how you equip your boat, are yours and yours alone. The information on this web site is based on what has worked for the author in the past, but that does not mean it will work for you, or that it is the best, or even a good way for you to do things.

Common Sense Disclaimer

As with all endeavors with potential hazards, including coastal cruising and offshore voyaging, it is reasonable to assume the individuals involved will make sufficient preparations that, in their mind, they stand a chance of being successful.  Consider the advice, opinions, data, and all other forms of information contained in this website as a portion of that necessary to achieve safe success on the water. I am not the only voice you should be listening to.

Attribution Disclaimer

The author doesn’t like being ripped off, and doesn’t think any other content creator would either.  Given this is a work of creativity in a big internet sea, the potential exists to link to content, inadvertently or unknowingly, that bears some form of copy right or other rights management (or sufficient interpretation of such protections).  It is my intent to always use material for which I have the appropriate permission or license, and to make appropriate attribution in suitable form on this site.  If you feel that material on this website infringes on existing content without appropriate attribution or permission, please inform us at the contact information above and indicate the desired action you feel needs taken. Every reasonable effort will be made to correct the situation.

Sales Disclaimer

While I love putting out information for free, one purpose of this website is to be self-sustaining from a financial perspective. At some point, various materials may be made available for sale on this website or at relevant distribution channels (i.e., Amazon, eBay) to provide products to the readers of this site. If affiliate links are used within posts, every reasonable attempt will be made to clearly identify the nature of those links, as well as providing a non-affiliate option where possible. It is my intention to be as transparent as possible with how financial transactions are associated with this website.

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