As my ancestors used to say, “More come soon”.

The first in development is a free digital ebook called “Glug: Analysis of a Sailboat Sinking”, which walks through a real-life sailing emergency with good analysis of why these things can happen, and what you can do about it.

We have a few things in the hopper which as more than blog posts, and my intent is to package them as digital products for sale. These include:

A comprehensive getting starts guide for anyone thinking of the transition from land to sea, with an emphasis on those coming out of school (i.e., first job, first home types)

A mobile application called Kraken, which is designed to provide one-stop sailboat ¬†maintenance information management. What spares do I have, where are they, when was the oil changed last, with integration into calendars for reminders, parts search capability, and automated back-up. Stands alone on a device (for when you’re away), but syncs across devices for access anywhere.


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